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You are headed home from work. You are trying to get home on time for a birthday party for you child. You decided to rush it little and go faster than you normally do at this time. To your dismay you hear to sirens of a police car behind you. You know that the police issue speeding tickets for how fast you were driving over the speed limit. You hope for a warning but you doubt that is going to happen. You have broken a traffic law and may be looking at traffic tickets.

As the police officer pulls you over you begin think about what your legal option are in this case. You have had two speeding tickets this year and another one will mean that your license may be suspended. You decide if you are issued more than a warning you will get a legal opinion on if you should contest the ticket in court.

You are issued the ticket. On the front is date that you can appear in court to contest the ticket. You politely accept the ticket and deal with the officer. After he leaves you bang your head on the steering wheel. You are going to be late for the birthday party and now have to deal with a legal proceeding. You decide to consult an attorney. You will want to choose one that specializes in defending clients against traffic and speeding tickets. You do not want to ask an attorney who specializes in family or tax law to deal with your driving issue. Attorneys specialize and you need to pick one for the area that you need.

Attorneys are listed in the telephone book. They are often listed under specialties like traffic tickets. You can also ask friends and family for suggestions. Other ways to find an attorney are online and contacting the local bar association. The bar association may have a referral service for attorneys. Bar associations are organizations of attorneys. Once you have contacted some attorneys or law firms you are likely to have interviews with them. The interview is likely to be conducted by a paralegal. A paralegal has legal training but is not authorized to represent clients. Your intake interview will be reviewed and then you may get to speak with the attorney.

An attorney should tell you your likelihood of success. They cannot by law promise you certain results. You will have to weigh the costs of proceeding with the case with the likelihood of success. In this case you do not want to lose your license or have it suspended. The law firm should be upfront with you about the costs of your case. You may be charged an hourly rate. A flat fee is another option. The firm is required to be clear about its billing policies before they take your case. As you sit there on the side of the road with your ticket for having broken a speeding law you have some choices to weigh. It might be worth proceeding with a legal case. It also might be the better choice to have your license suspended and not proceed in fighting it.

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